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Coolsculpting is the Latest Sacramento Fashion Trend

As the Weather Heats Up, The More Body You’ll Be Showing

Coolsculpting is an easy way to get rid of those hard to lose fat areas

Summer is upon us and that means that you will be wearing bikinis, short shorts, and other outfits that show off more of your body. This includes those areas that you wish you could hide. Those little fat pockets that form around your lower chin, waist, belly, and thighs. Once these fat areas settle in, it can seem almost impossible to get rid of them…until now.

Before a form of cryolipolysis called Coolsculpting came along, the only options to fast fat removal were invasive liposuction or plastic surgery. The latter procedures are dangerous and extremely expensive. They also take a long time to recover from and leave scars. For most, plastic surgery and liposuction are not even an option. So, we exercise and diet like crazy in the coming months toward summer only to be disappointed that the fat areas are too stubborn to combat.


What is This Coolsculpting All About?

Coolsculpting has been around for about 8 years now and has seen many improvements over the years. It is basically a machine that freezes the fat in a specific area while leaving other cells intact. Apparently, fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than other cells and therefore, they can be singled out without disrupting surrounding tissue.

The procedure takes around 30-40 minutes per area and you can literally go back to work, or to the beach, right after. You will be left with a bit of a skin irritation that will subside in a few hours.

The only time-consuming part of Coolsculpting is the waiting time for the fat cells to naturally dispose of. This process is natural as the body eliminates the fat cells over a 3-4 month time. This leaves the end of winter or early spring as the best time to get your Coolsculpting work done.

Where Can I Get Coolsculpting Done?

Many plastic surgeons are hopping on the Coolsculpting train and are offering this simple procedure right in their clinics. There are many clinics in California offering Coolsculpting. The prices range depending on what area you are getting done and what clinic you are getting it done at. The prices are significantly less that plastic surgery as the sessions for Coolsculpting are quick and simple. They can be administered by the clinic’s staff and don’t require the actual doctor.

Here in Sacramento, CA there are a number of clinics that offer Coolsculpting. Check out this site to find clinics in the Sacramento area.