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Coolsculpting is the Latest Sacramento Fashion Trend

As the Weather Heats Up, The More Body You’ll Be Showing

Coolsculpting is an easy way to get rid of those hard to lose fat areas

Summer is upon us and that means that you will be wearing bikinis, short shorts, and other outfits that show off more of your body. This includes those areas that you wish you could hide. Those little fat pockets that form around your lower chin, waist, belly, and thighs. Once these fat areas settle in, it can seem almost impossible to get rid of them…until now.

Before a form of cryolipolysis called Coolsculpting came along, the only options to fast fat removal were invasive liposuction or plastic surgery. The latter procedures are dangerous and extremely expensive. They also take a long time to recover from and leave scars. For most, plastic surgery and liposuction are not even an option. So, we exercise and diet like crazy in the coming months toward summer only to be disappointed that the fat areas are too stubborn to combat.


What is This Coolsculpting All About?

Coolsculpting has been around for about 8 years now and has seen many improvements over the years. It is basically a machine that freezes the fat in a specific area while leaving other cells intact. Apparently, fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than other cells and therefore, they can be singled out without disrupting surrounding tissue.

The procedure takes around 30-40 minutes per area and you can literally go back to work, or to the beach, right after. You will be left with a bit of a skin irritation that will subside in a few hours.

The only time-consuming part of Coolsculpting is the waiting time for the fat cells to naturally dispose of. This process is natural as the body eliminates the fat cells over a 3-4 month time. This leaves the end of winter or early spring as the best time to get your Coolsculpting work done.

Where Can I Get Coolsculpting Done?

Many plastic surgeons are hopping on the Coolsculpting train and are offering this simple procedure right in their clinics. There are many clinics in California offering Coolsculpting. The prices range depending on what area you are getting done and what clinic you are getting it done at. The prices are significantly less that plastic surgery as the sessions for Coolsculpting are quick and simple. They can be administered by the clinic’s staff and don’t require the actual doctor.

Here in Sacramento, CA there are a number of clinics that offer Coolsculpting. Check out this site to find clinics in the Sacramento area.


Tips For Planning The Perfect Sacramento Wedding

Planning the perfect Sacramento wedding doesn’t need to just be some far off dream or fantasy.

If you play your cards right and do your research, there’s no reason you cant put together your ideal destination wedding in Sacramento. A city wedding presents unique challenges to the wedding planner, but also affords unique opportunities because of weather, local culture, and regional cuisine options that are sure to make your wedding reception a memorable experience.

Bride and Groom Shoes

One of the things to keep in mind when you are in the process of preparing for your Sacramento wedding is food. Food culture is one of the areas in which the uniqueness of the city really shines. Not only are there staples that are traditional and well loved – like the best crab cakes and the best key lime pie in the whole state of California – but some of the local establishments are popularizing what they call the “new city cuisine.” This is a way of incorporating more influences from California’s diverse population into the dishes. Much of Sacramento is steeped in its rich history, and new urban cuisine is a way of celebrating the presence while building towards the future.

However, this isn’t the only area of Sacramento culture that is reaching towards the modern age. Entertainment has also changed dramatically in recent years. While the music scene in California has always been rich in musical variety, the recent years and shifts in the cultural makeup of the country have had very clear influences on the local musician pool. Influences on solo musicians, bands and DJ’s are apparent.

This means two things: one, the local talent pool is more flexible than you’d think, and a band that plays people music in bars at night might be very well capable of performing a variety of other styles as well. Second, it means there is also a large community of people who discuss the kinds of music that they like online.

Much like restaurant review websites, Urban Spoon being an example, music critics, connoisseurs and customers are all more than willing to talk about their experiences with various performers. This can help you figure out which ones are worth investigating further. Just because a bands website indicates they can play the kind of music you are interested in does not mean they are easy to work with or professionally inclined.

Sacramento Capital Building

As with anything else, a little bit of research goes a long way. Sacramento, CA is a special place. Its no wonder so many people choose to host their urban weddings and wedding receptions here. Many of the businesses in the area have had experience in the business one way or another. Consider Sacramento for your next big event.

The Marvelous Magic Show In Sacramento

Magicians have been one of the best surprises for parties, trade shows as well as excellent magic shows in Sacramento.

The talented magicians offer witty patter and clever magic that will leave people mesmerized in well entertaining moment. A unique blend of humor and magic is what magicians specialize.

Award-Winning Magicians

Remarkable and award-winning magicians will completely astonish various audiences in different magic tricks. Well-known magicians have been in the business of entertaining people and have always made his audience perfectly amazed. With magical shows, spectators always burst in amusement and laughter with a touch of comedy magic especially in magic shows for kids in Toronto. With great performance, audiences are given a fantastic experience when it comes to magic.

Girl performing magic

The corporate entertainment in Sacramento has been revolutionized with corporate magician’s unique magic talents helping corporate events unforgettable and so much fun. The magician has also performed on various TV shows for famous celebrities and other international corporate clients.

Different kinds of magic offered include the following:

Strolling Magic – This is performed in the hands while going around the audience form table to table. This type is ideal for hospitality suites, after dinner, cocktail hour or remarkable stage show. It can also serve as an ice breaker during corporate events. This magic is very intimate that spectators get a firsthand experience on the magic tricks done by the magician. This is great for individual magical experience.

Stage Magic – This is performed in front of mass audience with huge props. The incredible magic is matched with audience participation along with comedy magic. This is a sophisticated show that is suitable for corporate spectators. Through interactive stage show, this is especially designed as magic shows for kids in Sacramento as well as other social events.

Trade Shows – This is perfect for attracting attention during trades’ show for fishing people’s attention to listen to a company’s sales message as well as product benefits. A talented magician can do that easily. A Sacramento trade show magician is all business managers need to effectively do a strategic way of drawing people’s attention.

Magic has always been an excellent way of getting attention for people to stop and see. It is essential in building traffic for most businesses and definitely magnetizes potential buyers while promoting a certain brand that is fun and memorable. Corporate magic show in Sacramento is enlivened with highly qualified magician that can make people remember the excitement they had during these magical moments.

Magician with cards fanned out

Every magical presentation is completely done with awed and amazed audience where they enjoy every trick and exhibition done by the magician. The best entertainment is matched with the talented hands of a magician in surprising and exciting ways. For those who intend to increase their profitability and marketability, they will need this kind of service in order to achieve their corporate goals.

A Lasting Impression

Magic will create a lasting impression among the spectators and will be unforgettable in a way that they want more of it. Experience the magic shows in Sacramento and get a sense of appreciation with simple magic tricks!

This Über Arnold Schwarzenegger Fan Collection Is Seriously Impressive.

In case you haven’t heard yet, today is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 67th birthday. I know it’s hard to believe that the world’s favorite action star, and former governor is actually that old, but it’s true. However as Arnold enters his golden years, he’s continuing to make movie history. How about a New Terminator movie (that doesn’t suck)? Yes, please!

Usually with these type of articles you talk about what the celebrity is best known for. The problem is when you talk about Arnold it’s tough to just pick one thing.  I’m sure Sacramento resident Randy Jennings feels the same way. Randy currently has the world’s largest private collection of Arnold memorabilia. His entire collection is valued at around $80,000, and he’s showing it off for the first time. This collection makes me seriously jealous.

Here is Randy showing off just a small piece of his collection.

Randy works as an illustrator and dedicates all of his spare time to running an Arnold fan website. Here he is meeting his idol.

When he was just 11-years-old Randy stuck into a showing of “Conan the Barbarian” and instantly became a fan.

However it was seeing “Terminator 2” that turned him into an über Arnold fan.

He even has a replica of the Harley Arnold rides in “Terminator 2.”

In total Randy has more than 40,000 individual pieces in his collection. Of course he also has all Arnold’s films in multiple formats.

Randy and Arnold have actually become friends of a sort. They run into each other a few times a year, and Arnold knows him by name.


As a birthday gift for Arnold, we’ve compiled some of our favorite pictures of him and paired them with cats. You can thank us later Arnold.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

Here’s to another 67 years of Arnold, and a decent Terminator sequel. Show your Arnold love by clicking below to share this article on Facebook.

Sacramento Republic FC reveal renderings for proposed MLS stadium

Exciting News for Sacramento Soccer Fans

USL club Sacramento Republic FC announcement of a new stadium brought good emotions to many residents of Sacramento and the surrounding areas. The USL soccer league has been gaining popularity throughout the USA since the last two exciting World Cup Championships. The Sacramento area is in need of another sports team as the local Sacramento Kings have been struggling. That’s not to say they will not improve in the coming years, but any new sports stadiums and improvements are welcomed.


Sacramento Republic FC Stadium Proposal

Sacramento Republic FC Stadium Proposal

Check Out Part of The Full Article

The stadium draws heavily from Europe and South America. The design for the building’s east stand was modeled after the famed “Yellow Wall” at Borussia Dortumund’s Westfalenstadion, with the lower and upper bowls combined to create a massive wall of fans. According to the club’s statement, the “hinchada” concept common in South America was also incorporated, with the stadium featuring a separate entrance and club for supporter groups, who would be able to watch the match from cantilevered, standing-room-only decks.

“I’m thrilled to unveil a stadium design worthy of our fans and community,” Sac Soccer and Entertainment Holdings managing partner Kevin Nagle said in the club statement. “When we first hired HNTB, we challenged them to design the best home pitch advantage in MLS in a way that would celebrate both Sacramento and the world’s game. Without a doubt, HNTB has delivered.”

The proposed stadium would be built in Sacramento’s Railyards district, with the club estimating that the project would cost $180 million. According to the statement, the stadium could open in time for the 2018 season, though it would only be built if Republic FC gains entry into MLS.

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