Things to do in Sacramento

Welcome to Sacramento

Nicknames: Capital City, River City or the City of Trees. Population: of 486.189 and a population density of 1,818 people per km²

Things to do in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is the capital of California. So naturally there would be a lot of attractions for the tourists. Starting from visiting the historic towns and sites, to museums and shopping malls, right to the amusement parks and nightclubs – there is absolutely no chance of tourists getting bored. So the next time you are planning a trip to Sacramento, keep in mind the top attractions there. In this way, you will not be bored for a single moment and also make some lovely memories for you and your family.

California State railroad museum

This museum is considered to be one of the topmost attractions for tourists when visiting Sacramento. People who have been visiting Sacramento for the past 10-15 years also always make it a point to visit this historic site. And it is so with good reason. No matter how many times you visit this place, you will always find it exciting. The entry price is also very reasonable and a couple of hours can easily be spent here.

Crocker art museum

Even though after looking at the pictures you might think that you will be able to cover the whole place in a matter of hours, actually that is not the case. This is because the museum is much bigger than expected. So make sure that you go in early so that you will be able to spend the whole day there. The art museum is truly exceptional with the café on the ground being absolutely amazing.

California state capitol and museum

This is another great place in Sacramento which has received very high ratings from the tourists. The spacious grounds give the people ample space to take a leisurely walk round the whole place. There are also some beautiful spots for taking pictures. The best part is that museum also offers guided tours. So be sure to take that as the guide will help you in learning more about the history of Sacramento.

American river bicycle trail

This bicycle trail is considered to be the gem of the Sacramento region. Because on the waterfront, you will find the Delta King, the Underground Railroad, and many other beautiful and breathtaking historic attractions. This river way cuts right through the middle of the city. And on both sides of the river you will find several hundred feet of park space. It has been made in such a manner that it looks completely like a rural setting.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is so beautiful that it has received the Certificate of Excellence. It truly is a beautiful building both from the inside and the outside. And the intricate design makes it absolutely befitting to be located in the capital of California. It truly is a great place to visit. But the only problem which some people have faced is that parking spots are hard to find. This can pose to be a trouble at times.